Rug Cleaning Tips

How to Clean Your Rugs?

Thinking about cleaning your rugs but having no idea what to do? There are some alternatives that you can do to clean your rugs, especially if it’s only minimal spots, before calling some experts to handle the task for you. Here are some rug cleaning tips for you to try at home:

For Stained Carpet, Use a Dry Cleaning Solution

If your carpet and rug are stained, you can try using a carpet and rug stain remover. However, if you are unsure how much of the solution to use, use half the amount that was recommended on the bottle. However, do not forget to wear rubber gloves and goggles to avoid any accidents. Nonetheless, if you’re not confident about doing it, you can call a professional to help you out.

For Stained Area, Use a Carpet Cleaning Solution

If you have read that the carpet and rug stain remover will not work on certain types of stains, try using a carpet cleaning solution instead. Just determine the kind of solution to use by reading the instructions on the bottle. Make sure you do not use too much of the solution, as it can cause damage to your carpet. You can also call a professional to help you if you opt for a professional result.

For Stains on the Upholstery, Use a Stains Remover

If you are dealing with a dark color stain on the upholstery of your couch or a similar situation, use a stain remover. Just make sure you do not put your fingers or hands into the solution. However, if you are dealing with a small area, you can try using a wet wipe or a paper towel to remove the stain.

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